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July 25 2017

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Few Seconds Before Happiness ~1955
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Great, now everybody is sharing this antizionist propaganda picture of the pallywood child activist Shirley Temper.... 

For your information: The family around this girl has been staging protest pictures against IDF soldiers for years, trying to demonize Israel and playing down palestinian terrorism 
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July 24 2017

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July 20 2017

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Mount Roraima, South America: This tabletop mountain is one of the oldest mountains on Earth, dating back two billion years when the land was lifted high above the ground by tectonic activity. The sides of the mountain are sheer vertical cliffs, with several waterfalls, making it nearly impossible to climb.

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A great example of the consistency of Futurama!
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July 19 2017

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July 18 2017

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Stray dog gets comfortable at an outdoor concert. [video]

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